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dApps - Applications

A dApp is a decentralized application, which is largely enabled by underlying blockchain infrastructure. It enables tamper proof systems which can work without the need to of trusting third parties. dApps therefore enable more efficiency.

Decentralized exchanges or crowdfunding platforms are prominent examples, but any industry can also majorly benefit from trust-less, automated execution via Smart Contracts. Take supply chain tracking, where countless hours in management can be saved that are spent checking invoices and tracking the current stage of goods.

We provide dApp development services to help startups and enterprises build scalable and robust decentralized applications that reimagine what is possible, while running on peer to peer networks like Ethereum, Polygon and other Layer 2 Ethereum solutions.

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NFT Projects

Smart Contract and Mintpage are the most overlooked parts of many NFTs. In our opinion a well written Smart Contract brings endless possibilities to the creators. As contracts are basically just code, we can do anything! Nothing is theoretically impossible to accomplish, so why shouldn't we try? Let your imagination run free!

Regarding the Mintpage the underlying infrastructure needs to hold up with high demand on launch, while not being cost prohibitive during less intense times. It therefore needs to be scalable (both up AND down). That is why our focus is on providing the best infrastructure possible.

Don't hesitate to let us make your dream NFT become a reality!

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What is decentralized technology and why you care!

Decentralized Technology allows you to use digital services and infrastructure without the need to trust a third party. Today people trust big tech companies, but what if you didn’t need to? Imagine a supply chain logging mechanism that is fully transparent and can’t be altered after the fact. How amazing is that? Cost effective, easy to use, temper proof systems without the need for trust with instant ability to look up and verify who did what. Thats the Blockchain.

Enabling the future!

Blockchain and Cryptography based technology is the next technological revolution. Enabling privacy focused efficient systems that can operate at a global scale.

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We’re offering all our internal documentation for free in our blog and wiki! And if that’s not enough we’ve structured that even more in our hands-on dTech 101 courses aimed specificly at developers wanting to learn blockchain and web3!

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