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How do you develop on top of the Farcaster protocol? Dive in. Focus is on giving you just as much documentation as needed as well as conceptual overviews and examples. We link out to detailed project documentation where used.

If you do wish to learn how to build on Farcaster then choose what you want to build

  • Frames: miniapps rendered inside Farcaster clients and other applications for easy interaction by users
  • [Actions] SOON: invoke a command you can define to what it does on any post within Farcaster
  • [Bot] SOON a farcaster bot programmatically writes to the network or gets @ mentioned to do something
  • [Client] SOON an app focused on reading/writing casts

Architectural Overview of Farcaster the protocol

Farcaster schematic architecture overview drawing

The following Architecure is explained and broken down in easy to grasp bites in the Architecture Overview section while general concepts and terms are explained in the concepts section